[ The opinions and ideas in this essay are my own. They are my findings and my own perspective, not those of SOTOS. If you find something of value, great! if you feel that it is worthless, thats fine too. Words are used to express ideas that may be interpreted, psychologically, symbolically, Spiritually. Simply, there is no way to communicate concepts that defy ordinary language. the prognosis is GNOSIS.]


All physical-conscious beings have an over-soul. The over-soul is formed from the Dark force in nature, as the SAT expands itself outward, to form TAN, the will to be, becomes the true will, based upon a prior pattern of design within the mind of Chaos. Over long periods of time, the over-soul can evolve way beyond its original form, adding to its being, pushed forward by the momentum of the original impulse. It is after many stages of evolution that an over-soul can change and manifest potential for greater conscious awareness, due to the over-soul becoming increasingly self-aware. The more aware the over-soul becomes, the more it realises its uniqueness. At a certain stage of its awareness, the over-soul will project itself into separate independent units; the projections descend through many planes of being, before they manifest physically upon the earth. And when they do, the many diverse impressions that were assimilated by the unit, are all processed in many different ways, thus each unit has its own unique pattern, or Star..

This star lies within the centre of all living things, some stars are quite faint, and they are quickly consumed.. Nothing is wasted however, and eventually you have many units, all with varying forms of consciousness, some units are more aware than others are, these beings are very aware of their inner and true nature.. For many reasons, the animal man above all other creatures, is the least connected to their true nature. The Great Work is the name for this process of re-connection, or the unveiling of the true nature, or in that quaint old term, The Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel. (I prefer the use-age of Daemon)
This work at first glance appears to go against the principles and aims of Satanism for many. The reason for this is the terminology and aims of the old literature, in that it assumes the existence of the Highest God of the Hebrews, thus the KCHG, is one of the first steps in uniting with this great human over-soul.

The God of the Christians and Muslims is not the ALL, but rather a Borg like, being that seeks to devour the individual units into itself. The constraints of religious morality and dogma, is to have no hold or part within the psychosm of the Satanist. It is part of the work of the Satanist to explore the Temple of the flesh and all that it contains. It is as sacred a work as will be undertaken. This work, or if you prefer play of the Satanist in pushing the boundaries of consciousness, is explored using altered states by, ritual, trance, music, sex, chemical Gnosis, and drum, or with Hermetic style workings written for works of Greater Black Magick performed upon the self. The Satanist indulges the pleasures of the flesh in whatever ways tendency dictates, exploring the limits of pain and pleasure, and the physical limits of ones own organism. Question all things; rend all ideas limb from limb, the destruction of sacred cows is mandatory. Antinomianism is a powerful and explosive tool for self-transformation, use it wisely. Beyond the apparent hedonism, accompanied by the diary of your exploits, you will be rewarded with much self-knowledge; you will understand your limitations as well as your strengths.

Upon this edifice of Satanic Wisdom you then, with techniques of intense self- reflection and meditation explore the very depths of your being, with greatly enhanced chances of meeting your HGD, despite the bleating of RHP dogmatists, the cathartic decadence you have used to free yourself from the meme of our cultural and religious paradigm, and indeed, our own sacred cows can be of great help in this regard. If the Satanist perseveres with inner hermetic work to the ends previously discussed, the length and depth of the communion with the over-soul will be deeper, more defined, in fact, we find that this deep altered state of consciousness can be picked up by Preternatural intelligences. These intelligences are attracted to us functioning in their realm so to speak. To many more materialistic Satanists, these will be seen as portions of the human brain, as per Crowley’s theory expounded in the essay ‘Dangers of High Magick’
My words need only be brief on this, for the Satanist the spirit, mind, and flesh, are one.The Satanist reaches into the depths of his being and experiences the Black flame within, this is the canvas upon which will be painted, the evolutionary progress of his or her life; we begin to see that this portion of the over-soul can be made manifest in the flesh. This is also why many Satanists in the last few years have been communicating with ‘Demons’ and other astral beings, using formulas traditionally associated with such matters. Because of this synthesis of the old and the post-modern leanings of chaos and relativity, we are seeing many LHP people speaking about their experiences with such things, something that was not the norm in modern Satanic circles until relatively recent times. Satanists are looking into the ritual formats of Orders such as the Golden Dawn, and are rewriting the rituals from these RHP Orders, or just writing their own along traditional lines. There is much of value within the Kabbalistic systems, and we may exploit this a little later on when progress permits. It is also true to say, that the hermetic approach to path-working the Tree of Life can be modified and structured using a Satanic/Chaos Magick approach, thus creating the beginnings of a simple yet effective way of communicating with the inner landscapes. What we can do with the qualities that are represented by the Sephira (receptacles) so-called, is to identify strengths and weaknesses within our character, as well as using the system for many other forms of Magickal work.


The Prince of Darkness or Satan, is the first truly independent self-aware being to come into existence, The Prince of Darkness created a divide between himself and the objective universe, a ‘split’ from the uniform nature of existence. As the first fully self-aware entity, Satan created a ripple of effects that continued throughout the universe culminating in the creation of a multitude of forms.
Satan, by his action of division, had destroyed the one thought that had previously existed, within which, no other separate thing or thought was manifest. Within creation there exists the impulse for unification with the source, to heal this painful split from the ‘All ‘. The obvious example of this in the west is the religion of Christianity, which has, at the centre of its theology, the sin of Adam, which separates man from God. Christ is seen as God made flesh, sent to reconcile man with God through the sacrifice of his body for the sin of mankind. Consistent with the loss of unity is the idea of a ‘One’ true way, which harkens back to a less complicated time when the Universe was undivided, ergo most RHP religion’s state that they are the ‘One’ truth and all others false. The Eastern religions amount to the same thing, in a nutshell they state that it is the work of the initiate to merge his or her consciousness with some vague cosmic mind, thus healing the painful split from the ‘One’ thought. The Prince/ess of Darkness is the exception to the rule, the desire to strengthen the sense of individuality and separateness from the Universe rather than seek unification with it. It is easier to understand from the perspectives above, why the Prince of Darkness is considered ‘evil’ by the standards of RHP theology. As anything which has as its principle modus-operandi the intensification and evolution of the self, is seen as an opposition to the conformity inherit within the theological systems of the RHP, with their emphasis on either obeying a revealed word of God, or merging with this God forsaking the self. Thus, In my opinion there is no reason to view the story of Satan rebelling against IHVH and similar tales, as anything but allegory of the above stated ideas as myth. I see the ‘light’ (sun) as a symbol of the RHP, as most RHP systems of religion use the analogy of light to state that we have truth
revealed as in Xtianity, and must obey Gods word. Modern Wicca comes under the heading of a RHP religion, as it has three-fold laws, and ideas of ‘service’ to the Goddess etc.. In Eastern thought, we merge with the revealed light . Thus, there is nothing more to find in systems of religion or initiation where these principles are stated or implicit, as there is nothing more to add, but the disciples faith to be saved or the initiates surrender and consumption into cosmic oblivion.
The Darkness symbolizes that which is unknown, hidden, that which lies unperceived waiting to be discovered. With the LHP, the Satanist is constantly questioning and delving into both the darkness within, and the darkness without, using the ‘light’ as a torch in the shadows. This is where communication with the Prince/ess of Darkness will often reveals things about ourselves that we were previously unaware. Thus, rather that diminishing the self, we find out more about our self, and are constantly re-evaluating what this means on
an individual level.

Satan has always appeared as the patron of progress, science, rationalism, individuality, evolution, and the positive advantages of utilizing these principles to work with nature respectfully, preserving as much of the earths integrity as is possible. Satan also symbolises the Satanists ongoing work of creating and manifesting the divine self. Many initially come to Satanism, because they are attracted to the rebellious and perceived anti-social aspect of the Prince of Darkness, mistaking Satan’s stand against divine mindlessness for simple petulant tantrums against authority. There is nothing wrong with teenage Satanists questioning the values of parents, religion, and society, but Satanist’s (and particularly teenagers) should be encouraged to grow beyond this stage, and begin plumbing the depths of the LHP.
The Prince of Darkness as I perceive him/her is an ancient, constantly evolving intelligence that enjoys the respect, honour, and companionship of those who are on the LHP. It has been my experience that the Prince of Darkness is very holistic in his approach to us as individuals. If the Prince of Darkness always tells you what you want to hear, rather than what you need to hear, then it may be time to question the validity of your communication.

Magistra Ardat-Lile IV*





The Rite of the Five Rayed Star of HIR


*1 black candle
*1 white candle
*1 red candle
*Skull (human/animal. It can be a fake skull)
*Rose (real or fake)
*Crucifix or Cross
*Lance or other pricking tool
*Frakincense and Myrrh incense
*Pentacle (the tool)
*Dagger/Athame or Wand
*A necklace (occult symbology)
*Chalice of wine/water etc.
* Skeleton Key (if you don’t have one then any key will work)
*Black/Red robe or skyclad (nude)


Altar layout/setup:

The skull goes at the top of the altar which means if the altar is facing east then have it at the east etc. Place the black candle to the left of the skull, the white candle to the right of the skull and the red candle behind the skull. Place everything else where its convenient and where it will not become a bother. Light the the altar candles if you are using any and if not then light the red candle first, the white candle then the black candle. Light the incense and begin the rite with a recitation of the Lord’s Prayer as shown below.

Recite the Lord’s Prayer of the Bloody Lamb of Baphomet and Lilith:

Our Father and Mother who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come.
Thy Will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our tresspasses,
As we forgive those who tresspass against us.
And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.
For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory forever and ever.
In Hir name is your Name, The Name of the Nameless One,
The Nameless One shall recede unto I, _________ (Your magickal motto)
I who seek to follow the path of the Neophyte and
To Be One With Baphomet on The Cross of Lorraine,
I kiss the bloody lips of Lilith and know thy own death
I feel the warmth of Sophia’s Grasp upon thy shoulder.
To know death is to know life.
In the Light I seek Sophia,
In the Darkness I seek Lilith,
On the Cross lieth Baphomet Crucified.
The Skull of The Baptist Sits on the Altar,
A bloody Rose To Be,
Kissed By Lilith.
The Caress of Lilith I Invite.
The Kiss of Lilith I Seek.
You Are The Mother of Us All,
The Mother of the Universe,
The One Who Sits On The Throne Beside Samayel,
Between the Pillars of Lux and Nox
May The Neophyte Pass Through to Face His/Her Trials of Initiation
Unto the Pentacle, Rose and Skull He/She is Born Anew.
The Lamb lieth upon the cross as you shall
O Great One, You are the Crucifier of I, ————— (your motto)
For I must know the sorrows of the Cross to cross thy path of Initiation
Nails piercing thy flesh and blood covering thy body
I am the Serpent Cross upon which Baphomet Lay
May Thy Lord Baphomet and Lady Sophia/Lilith Guide thee unto thy path
This Sacred Night of All Nights
For I seek the Secrets of the Skull and the Pentacle
In Nomine Baphe Metis.

Perform banishing.

Using the dagger/athame/wand trace a pentegram in the air and say:

You are the Mother and the Father of me,
You are the Yin and Yang of the Universe.
You are the Maker and the Destroyer.
You are the Alpha and the Omega.
You are SOPHIA.
You Are The Six Rayed Star That Flames Above My Head.
You Are The Five Rayed Star That Flames Below Thy Feet.
You Are The Eternal Furnace From Which All Life Came.
I call upon Thee, I call up You Who’s Name is HIR.
For you are Neither Male Nor are You Female.
But a combination that is holy only unto You.

Pick up the lance (or other pricking tool) and prick your finger. Pick up the rose and let a few drops of blood fall upon the rose and say:

I dedicate this Bloody Rose of the Cross to HIR. She is the great Mother of I and the Father of I. You are the Lord of the Universe. You are Baphomet and You are Sophia who art within me. I come unto the Pillar of Initiation and seek to enter the Secret Door of the Neophyte. I am a new born child of the Sun and of the Moon. I am a child upon the Five Rayed Star of the Magi who sought The Christ who is the Hindu Krishna and the Egyptian Osiris and the Greek Dionysus. May the Ascended One Be One with me as I wish to become One with Thee. He Who Is She and She Who Is He. I call not on the Ascened One for Enlightenment but for Forgiveness of my sins and wrongs. May You see fit to punish me for the sins that I have commited in my life time. May you see fit on how to make me suffer if you wish to make me suffer. May my misdeeds be layed bail to Judgement or may you absolve me of my corruptions upon this earth this day and hour. And I call upon Lucifer who is the Light Bearer. I come unto the Pillar of Enlightenment so that I may Know Lucifer the Enlightener. I call upon thee O, Lucifer, Come unto me and show me the Path to Enlightenment and not the Path to Damnnation. I come unto the Door of Secrets also Called the Door of the Neophyte. Which stands between the Pillars of LVX and NOX. I wish to pass unto the Pillar of Initiation so that I may enter the Door of the Neophyte O Great Sophia who is also Baphomet. Amen.

Place the rose upon the cross/crucifix. Pick up the chalice with both hands and say:

I honor thee, O Great and Honorable Goddess who hath brought me forth from the Thine Womb. May I drink of thy Graal when the Time comes. May I cross the Abyss and conquer he who is CHORONZON. May I know your presence and may I know your touch. I ask you to absolve me so that I may live anew in this world. That I may live anew in this world as a Child of the Five Rayed Star. Give birth to me in the Image of the New Born Neophyte as I drink of this Chalice which beareth the Blood of HIR. May this Elixir become one with me as it is absorbed within me. Amen.

Drink some of the wine etc. then pick up the bread and say:

As I eat of this bread I am eating of the Essence of HIR. I eat of this Sacrament of HIR so that I may become One with HIR and the Universe. I’am eating of the Flesh of Christ Upon the Cross. Just as I drank the Blood of Christ Upon the Cross. May this bread become One with me as I devour it just as time devours thy flesh. May I become One with the Elements of the Five Rayed Star and with the entities of the Five Rayed Star who art Christ, Magdalene, Baphomet, Sophia and Lucifer. May Christ Forgive my Sins upon earth. May Magdalene show me the True Way of AGAPE. May Baphomet show me the Light and the Dark. May Sophia Guide me onto the Path of Knowledge and Wisdom. And May Lucifer show me the Way to Enlightenment. I call upon these five entities in the name of HIR. Amen.

When all of the bread is ate and all of the wine is drank, say this:

I am one with HIR,
In the name of HIR I walk unto the Pillar of Initiation of the Neophyte
The Bloody Rose of HIR
Crucified Upon the Cross of the Serpent
I call upon Lucifer, the Morning Star to guide me unto the path of LVX
I call upon Sophia, the Knowledge and Wisdom of HIR
To guide me down the path of the Knowledge of HIR
The Five Rayed Star guarding the Path of the Neophyte,
The Six Rayed Star is inscribed upon the Door of the Neophyte
As I walk between the Pillar of Lvx and the Pillar of Nox
I call upon the Guardians of the Five Rayed Star of HIR
Who Art Christ, Magdalene, Baphomet, Sophia and Lucifer
Each to guide me and to show me the Path to HIR
One to show me what sacrifice means,
One to show me how to walk the Path of Purity
One to show me the meaning of the Hermetic Axiom, “As Above, So Below.”
One to show me the Path of knowledge and wisdom of HIR
And one to show me the Path of Lvx
The Five that form the Five Rayed Star of HIR
The Sixth Guardian is not a guardian
The Sixth is the one known as HIR
The Trials of the Neophyte awaits me as I enter unto the Path of Malkuth.
In Nomine Christ, Magdalene, Baphomet, Sophia et Lucifer!

Close temple and when you blow out the last candle say:

So mote it be.

The End



Greetings Brethren

Cara Brethren of the Pentacle,

The Rite of the Androgyne God is the initiation rite/ritual of the Order of the Mage. The Rite of the Androgyne(ous?) God is a rite dedicated to the true god/dess of the Universe. Parts of this ritual can be altered to make it more convenient for your use. Instead of actually pricking your finger or cutting yourself you can do this instead. Run your hand down the thorn/stem of the rose and imagine that your hand is being cut open by those thorns then hold your hand over the rose and imagine blood (red) dripping from your hand onto the rose.

If you make any changes to this rite then send me a copy of the rite so that I may look it over and let you know if it will suffice or not. You must send me a copy of the rite before you perform it and put Rite of the Androgyne God – new in the subject box of the email. You can send this to either of the emails listed above.

When you perform the Rite of the Androgyne God, you will need to write down these things. The time that you begun and the time it ended (make sure to use the am and pm signs too and don’t skip anything on the time). The month, day (day and number of day) and the year that it is performed. The moon phase and if anything occured during the ritual. When I performed the Rite of Sophia (the official initiation rite of the Order of the Skulls) I felt a female presence and a hand on my left shoulder. Write this stuff down in your book of shadows/magickal journal etc. and send me a copy of it so that I may look it over. This will be kept secret, it will not be given to anyone else. What you do with it is up to you but I urge you NOT to give it way to people who are not worthy. I really should keep it secret. Spare no details when you write this down in your journal/BoS/Grimoire,

Do not be alarmed if you feel a presence with you during the rite or if you have an epiphany etc. after you perform this rite. Not everyone will have an epiphany do to this rite, not everyone will have prophetic dreams after this rite etc. Some of you may have epiphanies and other will not but they will have something else happen. Never not expect the impossible for with magick anything is possible. This is a gift of magick.

Blessings in LVX and NOX
Magistra Ardat-Lile.


The Manifesto of the Antichrist.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

1. Behold! I am He! the ANTICHRIST of the World. And I, even I, come among you, my brethren, to enlighten your understanding. Thus do I now make my true Manifesto unto you, that you may know the Truth, and that the Truth may set you free!

2. It is I, the Logos, who speak unto you. And lo! I shake the invisible & the visible alike! For I am the one from the unexpected house, the child of My Father, the Beast 666. And my hour is come; my word shall prevail; and I shall bring all men and women to the Law of Thelema, which is DO WHAT THOU WILT.

3. Thus do I now cast my terrible spell upon you, to illumine your darkness, that you may understand the mysteries of my Word, and thus partake of the Sacrament of Freedom, and rejoice!

4. Now shall you know me, the ANTICHRIST, in my holy image as the Eagle, the bird of liberty whose vast wings overshadow the United Nation. And this, our holy Nation, shall accept the Law of Thelema in my name, and it shall be the first nation of the earth.

5. In this holy image I am like unto the Phoenix of Power, whose rebirth is from the ashes of the secret sacrifice. Such is the mystery of the annihilation of all: such is the mystery of the rebirth of all.

6. In this image shall you also know me as the sacrifice of the Rose & Cross, and as the promised Child of the Sun & Moon. Thus am I concealed in the image of my Father BAPHOMET, and in man I am revealed.

7. I am the mystery of Love itself, the lust & spirit of unity aflame with the infinite passion for the Unknown. Thus are all things made one, in me, by virtue of my secret force; and in this light there is the unspeakable joy, the ineffable bliss, the orgasmic ecstasy of the ages.

8. To you I am come to preach the Word of my Father BAPHOMET, whose true successor and holy image I am. I am my Father in man, the Son of BAPHOMET, who conspires in all to make freedom prevail on earth. It is I, the all in all; and in man I accomplish my Will, to establish the Word of My Father.

9. There were those before me, chosen in my Father; but it was they who failed, being untrue of heart, and of these one even exploded into naught. I am not of them; they are but fallen! Success is my proof; and in my name Thelema will prevail! And so shall there be a feast in my name: the chosen ones shall celebrate the birth & death of the child, whose hour is now at hand.

10. And lo! I come up out of the earth, having two horns like a lamb, and I speak as a dragon! It is I, the ANTICHRIST, and I shall bring to an end the false god of the foolish folk, making every man and every woman a god in their own right. Yea! I shall slay the Christ! and all shall be set free! And so shall all come to the supreme truth: There is no God but Man.

11. Now I am come, on earth, in the spirit of my Father, the Beast 666; and this, my body, inhales and exhales, in ecstasy, the breath of my Father. Thus are all men and women made one with my Father BAPHOMET, in me, on earth; and in this unity of force there is lust & joy on earth in the rapture of freedom.

12. And alas! I exercise all the power of my Father, the Beast 666, who came before me; and I shall cause the earth and them which dwell therein to worship my Father in his holy image as BAPHOMET.

13. And in my Father’s name I shall accomplish many wonders, so that I shall make fire come down from heaven on earth in the sight of men: I shall bring fresh fever from the skies!
14. And they shall make an image unto my Father BAPHOMET, and His Holy Knights shall set it in the East of the Temple; and they shall adore Him day and night, chanting holy hymns and praises unto His Name.

15. And I, the ANTICHRIST, shall give life unto His image, that His image should speak unto the men and women of the earth, causing them to worship Him.

16. And I shall cause all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

17. And that no man might buy or sell, save he that has the mark of the Beast, or the number of His Name.

18. And this is the Tragedy of Man, that these things should come to pass. But all this for the initiation of the World; and for the establishment of the Law of Thelema, yea, for the establishment of the Law of Thelema!

Love is the law, love under will.