Astral Disassociation

The process of Astral Disassociation begins with an unconventional mode of thought after a meditative sequence has brought forth a sense of sedation as a result thereof.

The following Sequence is known as the Oroborus method.

Meditate in what manner thou wilt until sedation is reached.

(Candles are recommended, not required.)

Close your eyes.

Breathe deeply and count to ten. Each time you lose the number, start over until you reach the number ten, three consecutive times in precise correspondence with your breathing.

Visualize yourself surrounded in deep blackness.

Then visualize a small flame appearing before you.

From the flame grows a Serpent and it continually grows larger and larger. Suddenly its tail reaches its mouth and forms a perfect circle. The mouth opens and it begins to devour itself. Watch it devour itself three consecutive times, then visualize it shrinking. Once it shrinks to original size, visualize it returning (combusting) back into a small flame.

Open your mouth and blow out the flame with one deep breath.

You return to blackness utterly.

From left to right, visualize: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and violet.

Let that sequence repeat three times. If you lose count, return to red. Memorize the sequence. When a semblance of perfection is attained, repeat the exercise until one day, you reach a state much like sleep paralysis wherein you can see yourself sleeping. Once you are in this state call out the name of your Infernal Augeodies or any given entity’s name so long as you are safe within its shadow. A bolder and more distinct sense of Gnosis will follow—oft times to a disturbing degree so be prepared when doing this exercise, preferably after midnight.




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