Being Sired

Many vampyres can trace their history to the great founding of their race. The dark immortal, granted the gift of vampyrism to a young girl via allowing her to taste cursed blood from his tainted hand. The girl quickly aged and grew sharp fangs feeding on her former neighbors and creating a race of undead vampyres who would seemingly never age or die. Vampyres are often at odds with all the living races but are often in conflict with humans as this is their favorite race to feed on and obviously the humans resist.

It is almost certain the vampyres will rise again in the future to instigate more wars to feed their hunger for more resources and territory. The present vampyre homeland of Talmarek is often used by this race as a base to sally fourth from on these sojourns and control of the province has changed hands many times.

Often very cold with death, a vampyre’s appearance depends heavily on the original race the vampyre was before contracting the curse/sickness. More often than not, a subject may lose up to fifty pounds of weight upon transformation. There can also be a vampyric dragon. Vampyres are undead and thus vampyres cannot have offspring unless the vampyre had a child before having the curse, or unless magical or divine methods are used. Since their bodies are technically dead, normal diseases and poisons have minimal effect, if any. Vampyres also typically gain inherent powers upon being sired(their strength varying depending on the sire), and their speed and strength is also amplified. They are also known to be very susceptible to fire and holy magic; contrary to popular rumor, sunlight, garlic, and holy symbols(on their own) have little to no affect on vampyric beings.

Most vampyres are mentally stable, though a few undergo the transformation in a way so horrible it greatly effects their sanity. However, there are certain psychological elements that vampyres do undergo. For instance, they will have an affinity for blood and an affinity for death and particularly necromancy.

Vampyres tend to fall into one of three groupings. The first are vampyres who live in solitude forsaking their brethren, often living alone in seclusion with their servants or often completely alone they feed on whoever strolls into their vicinity and have few friends or contacts. The second type are known as vampyre cabals, these groups tend to be like extended families that can trace their line to a living ancestor a powerful vampyre lord. Or lady who is the parent of them all leading with the other elders or often alone with an iron fist. Vampyre cabals often have a territory they claim as their own which often includes willing and unwilling subjects from which they can feed. Vampyre cabals defend their territory and work together but often these cabals operate on the principle that “Might is right” and the strongest tend to have the most influence. The third and arguably the most advanced type of vampyre society is often dubbed “The aristocracy of the night.” These vampyre societies tend to mirror human with a king, emperor, queen etc as the head backed up by a large number of vampyre nobles. These societies often function exactly the same as a human kingdom with the exception that they are much more warlike as vampyres tend to consume more resources than humans and live longer so they require vast territories which are often seized from their neighbors. These societies tend to be very advanced including warriors, nobles priests, lawyers and artisans functioning perfect and harmoniously for several millennia under their wise, ancient and seemingly immortal monarchs.

Vampyre thralls are also known as lesser vampyres, they are almost always the servant of a fully fledged vampyre and a number of them may be the servants of a powerful vampyre lord. Vampyre thralls appear much the same as normal vampyres with pale skin and dark hair and often have yellow or crimson eyes however their fangs are less prominent and their powers much weaker. Vampyre thralls cannot sire a vampyre, and do not have the command of the dark arts that vampyres do. Vampyre thralls hasten to obey their masters and “live” to serve. If a vampyre thrall performs his or her duties long enough they may be initiated to the rank of full vampyre by their master only. Vampyre thralls are created by vampyres feeding a victim their blood without draining them first, as they would in a typical siring. Often this is done purposefully to create a slave, however weaker or younger vampyres may create thralls through lack of knowledge and experience.

Sired vampyres, or commonly known as the “common” vampyre, are ones that have been bitten and drained completely by a powerful vampyre being, such as a Revenant, Pure Blood, or elder vampyre. Sired vampyres cannot turn other individuals into vampyres, as they lack the experience, age, and intellect to do so. Sired vampyres are a step above thralls, in that they are more than just servants that are blood-lusting creatures, instead they present a much more intelligent being, though some appearance or feeling of servitude to their sire may develop, especially after the siring. Their powers are weak to begin with, but grow in strength and ability as they age, gain knowledge through tutorship, or other means that usually take some time to develop. Most often, sired vampyres are necromancers or other mages specializing in the dark arts and are known to associate with other dark races.

Elder vampyres are those that were once sired/common vampyres, but through means of great knowledge gained or the blessing of a master, have achieved higher status and greater abilities, most specifically the ability to sire other common vampyres and thralls. These beings are no different in appearance than sired vampyres, though the are vastly more intelligent and can often use more powerful spells, specifically necromancy and dark arts, though not quite as strong as a Pure-Blood or Revenant.

Pure blood vampyres are ones that were born directly from either a controlled environment or magical powers from an powerful being. A controlled environment includes the process in which DNA from a male and female vampyre were combined, creating a new being that was never sired. These cannot occur in nature. In addition, the new “pure-blood” vampyre cannot reproduce, as they would have never developed this ability having been created in a controlled environment. Higher beings can assist in the creation of a pure-blood vampyre, but this is extremely rare, however there has been documented cases of this happening.

Vampyre Revenant’s are vampyres who are particularly ancient and evil. Revenant’s have existed for many, long centuries and often have a particularly monstrous appearance; almost all Revenant’s have large leathery wings and often have long black horns that sprout from their forehead. Revenants are undead and command powerful unnatural forces, death seems to follow in their wake like a gruesome shadow as flowers, grass and trees blacken and die in their wake as a dark aura of death lingers around the Revenant. Revenant’s are often slower than vampyres but can command powerful magic and some unusual abilities such as poisonous saliva and blood which can slowly and painfully kill those that come into contact with them. All of the Revenant’s teeth are black pointed fangs and can tear through wood and flesh easily. The most powerful Revenant’s can disguise their monstrous form appearing either as a normal vampyre,as other ethereal forms or as a member of their original race. Vampyres are often led by Revenant and all vampyres hold them with great reverence as many of these powerful creatures date back to the time of the founding of the vampyres or were elevated to their position by the dark gods.

Let us not forget the rather nasty side effects of having the wrong blood type injected into your body, then you would experience the most horrid of side effects, which would include, photosensitivity, possible skin conditions, unexplainable dreams, nightmares and memories. The inability to function in the normal world among a vast array of other such sinister effects.

How to combat these side effects, there is really only one way. To seek the guidance of a Elder or Pure blood Vampyre. A master vampyre that is adept at Siring, Healing and who is directly connected to the dark gods.
Less Common Vampyre Hybrids

Alp – A shapeshifting spirit associated with nightmares, often takes the form of a bird, cat, or other animal. (German)

Bajang – A demon with the ability to take the form of a cat.

Chupacabra – A small creature with large hind limbs, a reptilian head, and large oval eyes. Feeds on the blood of small animals and humans. (Mexican, South American)

Dearg-due – A ghastly vampiric creature with bat wings. (Irish)

Dhampir – The offspring of a vampire father and a human mother. (Gypsy)

Jaracacas – A creature that appears in the form of a snake. (Brazilian)

Kappa – A creature that resembles a human with green skin. (Japanese)

Langsuyar – A female vampire that has produced an undead offspring. (Malaysian)

Lobishomen – A blood sucking werewolf. (Portuguese)

Mosquito Man – A humanoid creature with a long proboscis used to suck the blood of humans and animals.

Pontianak – A human fetus that has been transformed into a vampire while still in the womb. Feeds on human intestines and blood. (Malaysian)

Strigoi – A malformed vampiric creature. (Romanian)

Vampire Fruits – Vampires of fruit origin. (Slavic)

Vetala – A being with the ability to possess and reanimate corpses. (Indian)

Yasha – A human reincarnated as a vampire bat. (Japanese)

Yuki-onna – A beautiful but deadly snow queen with long hair and pure white skin. (Japanese

Sealed with Blood

Mankind from his very beginning has recognized the power of blood to seal his mind. All cultures have known that blood has the power to remove sins, heal, appease the gods, and facilitate blessings from them. Priests have usually attained this blood in some type of ritual setting from both human and animal sacrifices.

History shows this is true for the believers of many gods (polytheist) as well as believers of one god and it is also true from the most advanced civilizations to the most primitive. Even today worshippers of Satan and Lucifer believe in blood sacrifices and the power of the blood.
Why is blood a universal principle?

The question that arises is why does mankind universally have this blood fetish impressed upon his psych? Most scholars and archeologists know this to be true for they have unearthed altars from every corner of the earth. The fact that sacrifices were offered still does not explain why this true.

Carl Jung, the eminent psychiatry, put forth a theory that within the psychic of man there are archetypes. He discovered that humans have a “preconscious psychic disposition that enables a (man) to react in a human manner.” These potentials for creation are actualized when they enter consciousness as images. This means the mind is programmed to receive certain potentials, thoughts, or ideas and there are patterns in place in the mind or consciousness.

In order to explain this one has to acknowledge the existence of a supreme being, Yahweh Elohim who created man and programmed his mind with certain attributes as love, intellect, justice, etc. Now in plain English, mankind collectively understands from a physical standpoint that blood represents the life of the flesh, for without it all flesh dies.
Is blood linked to magic?

Magic plays an important part in mankind’s worship of various deities and the spirit. Since blood represents life, it was believed that by offering up blood or using blood in some rituals, it has the power of passing on this principle of life, giving power to protect, heal and create. For example, many Gentiles would drink blood of sacrifices believing they could obtain some type of spiritual attributes from the substance. Killing an innocent baby and drinking the blood was thought as a way to obtain the principle of innocence.

Even at the time of the Messiah, Pilate mixed human blood with the blood of animal sacrifice (Lk. 13:1). Again, it was thought that human blood increased the efficacy of their rituals to their pagan gods.
Was blood important to the Patriarchs?

When Elohim created Israel from the seed of Abraham, he gave them a more perfect understanding of blood and removed many of the Gentiles’ superstitions regarding these blood rituals. For example, Israel only used the blood for atonement of their souls (Lev 17:10) and they were forbidden from drinking it as the Gentiles did. Israel was also forbidden from offering human sacrifices.

Paul, the apostle, writes: “And almost all things are by the law purged with blood; and without shedding of blood is no remission (Heb 9:22).” Now the gentiles knew and believed this but they did not have the reality of what blood represents on a spiritual and psychological level.
How did Israel use blood under the Law of Moses?

Even with the Law of Moses, it must be understood that Israel did not have the reality of what blood represented spiritually and psychologically. The Passover blood of lambs and goats placed on their doors in Egypt had no real power to protect them from the death angel that passed through the land that smote all with death that did not have this blood. It was just a symbol that pointed to the Messiah who was the reality.

The Messiah told the leaders and teachers of Israel that they did not understand the scriptures. The priests taught and believed that the people obtained eternal righteousness through performing these rituals laid down in the law and prophets (Old Testament). The Messiah told them that the things in the Law of Moses testified and pointed to Him (Jn. 5:39), which were the works He had to do fulfill.

So all the animal sacrifices that Israel, as well the Gentiles ignorantly, offered up for sin and atonement pointed to the true sacrifice, the Lamb of Yahweh (Jn. 1:29), Yahshua the Messiah. It was His death that brought the Law of Moses to an end and began the New Covenant (Heb. 9:?), where true worshippers worship Elohim in Spirit and Truth (Jn. 4:21-24). This means all offering sacrifices, performing rituals, keeping feast days, temple worship, etc., ended and is not valid under the New Covenant.
What is the spiritual reality of blood?

Before His death, the Messiah reveals the spiritual reality of physical blood. He spoke this in a parable. “Then the Messiah (Jesus) said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except ye eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink his blood, ye have no life in you. Whoso eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood, hath eternal life; and I will raise him up at the last day. For my flesh is meat indeed, and my blood is drink indeed. He that eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood, dwelleth in me, and I in him (John 6:53-56).”

Many that heard this saying said this was a hard saying, for they were trying to interpret them in a literal sense, which did not make any sense. In a literal sense it seems that the Messiah was advocating cannibalism, which was forbidden under the law.

The Messiah explains the drinking of His blood and eating of His flesh as spiritual principles. He said: “It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing: the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life (Jn. 6:63).” So it is the words of the Holy Spirit that must be eaten (or believed) in one’s heart and mind, for this is the life of the soul as blood is the life of the physical body. Job wrote: the ear tries (eats) words as the mouth eats meat (Job. 34:3). Peter confirms this, for he said that the Messiah had the words to eternal life (Jn. 6:70). To better understand the power of the words of the Holy Spirit upon the soul or mind, an examination of the basic properties of physical blood will be given.
What does blood do for the physical body?

Now the definition of physical blood is “the usually red fluid, consisting of plasma, red and white blood cells, etc., that circulates through the heart, arteries, and veins of vertebrates: blood is a body tissue that carries oxygen, hormones, cell-building material, etc. to, and carbon dioxide and waste matter away from, the other body tissues”

Now the blood of the physical body carries oxygen and other life supporting materials, such as hormones, cell-building material, protein, carbohydrates and fats, to list a few. Blood also removes waste materials.

As the blood carries materials to the cells to build and nourish the body, likewise the words of the Holy Spirit carries spiritual material to build and nourish the ‘fruits of the spirit’ in the mind, such as faith, love, patience, self control, joy, peace etc. (Gal. 5:22). The blood removes toxic material from the body. Likewise, the words of truth by the Holy Spirit remove all toxic ideas, such as hate, doubt, lust, etc., from the mind.
Does the Messiah’s blood have a deeper meaning?

Now the Messiah’s blood in reality represents a spiritual principle, for we know that his physical blood had no power to wash sin in a literal sense. Since His physical body only had a few quarts of blood, this would not have been enough to wash all of humanity physically. So the blood of Yahshua must have a deeper meaning. In the war in heaven or the angelic realm, the archangel Michael was able to overcome the archangel Lucifer and his host by the blood of the lamb (Rev. 12:6-11). Since there was no physical hemoglobin in the incorporeal realm, the words of truth (symbolized by blood) in reality gave Michael the power to stand up against Lucifer.


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