A – Z of Demon Names



Aamon or Amon (Christian demonology)
Abalam (Christian demonology)
Abalim (Christian demonology)
Abbadon – (Hebrew) – Destroyer. Said to be chief of Demons. Sometimes regarded as the destroying angel.
Abdiel – (Arabic) from “Abd” meaning slave. Lord of slaves/slavery.
Abduxuel – (Enochian) One of the demonic rulers of the lunar mansions.
Abigor (Christian demonology)
Abraxas (Gnosticism)
Abyzou (Jewish mythology)
Acham – the demon of Thursday.
Aclahayr- (Unk) Of the fourth hour of the Nuctemeron, the genius spirit.
Adad, Addu – (Babylonian, Hittite) god of the storm
Ad-Dajjal (a.k.a. Dajjal) (Islamic eschatology)
Adramelech (Semitic mythology, Christian demonology)
Adriel – Mansions of the moon among the Enochian demons.
Aeshma, Aesma- (Persian) One of seven archangels of the Persians. Adopted later into Hebrew mythology as Asmodeus – Has been recorded in history for at least three thousand years. Said to be a small hairy demon able to make men perform cruel acts.
Ahazu-demon – the siezer demon of the night.
Agaliarept – (Hebrew) commander of armies. Aussi General of hell – Grimoire of Pope Honorius..
Agares (Christian demonology)
Agathodemon – (Egyptian) a good demon worshipped by the egyptians.
Agiel (Jewish mythology)
Agramon – (Unk) Demon of fear
Agrat-bat-mahlaht – One of Satan’s wives and demoness of whores.
Ahpuch – (Mayan) devil.
Ahriman (Zoroastrianism)
Ahriman/Angra Mainyu (Zoroastrianism)
Aim (Christian demonology)
Akem Manah/Akoman/Akvan (Zoroastrianism)
Ala (Slavic mythology)
Alal (Christian demonology)
Alastor – (Unk) Wierius’ cruel demon called “the executioner.”
Aldinach – (Egyptian) A demon who causes natural disasters (i.e. floods, hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes).
Allocen- One of the 72 spirits of Solomon.
Allocer (Christian demonology)- (Unk) Grand duke of hell. One of Solomon’s 72 spirits.
Alloces (Christian demonology)
Allu (Akkadian mythology)
Alu-Demon – (Semitic) Night demon
Amaimon- One of the 72 spirits of Solomon.
Amaymon (Christian demonology)- Evil Spirit, king of South.
Amdukias (Christian demonology)- The destroyer. Also Amducias – Grand Duke of Hades. According to Wierius a demon of music.
Amduscias (Christian demonology)
Amdusias (Christian demonology)
Ammit (Egyptian mythology)
Ammut (Egyptian mythology)
Amon, Ammon – (Egyption) Sun God. Much like Lucifer except controls reproduction and life. See also Amaimon, Amoymon, Amaymon, and Aamon.
Amoymon (Christian demonology)
Amy (Christian demonology)- One of the 72 spirits of Solomon. Said to be supreme president of hell. He will trade knowledge for the human soul.
Anamalech – the demon of bad news.
Andhaka (Hinduism)
Andras (Christian demonology)
Andrealphus (Christian demonology)
Andromalius (Christian demonology)
Antichrist (Christian demonology)
Anzu (Sumerian mythology)
Apep (a.k.a. Apophis) (Egyptian mythology)
Apollyon (Christian demonology)
Aquiel – the demon of Sunday.
Arachula – evil spirit in the air.
Ardad – demon that leads travelers astray.
Armaros (Christian demonology)
Armen (Sumerian mythology)
Asb’el (Jewish mythology)
Ascaroth – demon of spies and informers.
Ashtoroth (Christian demonology)
Asmodai (Persian mythology, Jewish folklore, Christian demonology)
Asmodeus (Persian mythology, Christian demonology and Jewish folklore)
Astaroth (Christian demonology)
Astarte (Semitic mythology)
Asura (Hinduism)
Ayperos (Christian demonology)
Ayporos (Christian demonology)
Aym (Christian demonology)
Azazel / Azaz’el (Jewish demonology)
Asura (Hindu mythology)
Azi Dahaka/Dahak (Zoroastrianism)

Baal (Christian demonology)
Balam (Christian demonology)
Balan (Christian demonology)
Balberith (Jewish demonology)
Bali Raj (Hindu mythology)
Banshee (Irish mythology)
Baphomet (Demon, or image/idol thereof)
Barbas (Christian demonology)
Barbatos (Christian demonology)
Bathin (Christian demonology)
Bathym (Christian demonology)
Beal (Christian demonology)
Beale (Christian demonology)
Beall (Christian demonology)
Beball (Christian demonology)
Bechard – the demon of tempests
Bechet – the demon of Friday
Beelzebub (Jewish demonology, Christian demonology)
Behemoth (Jewish demonology)
Beherit (Phoenician mythology)
Belial (Jewish demonology, Christian demonology)
Beleth (Christian demonology)
Belphegor (Christian demonology)
Berith (Christian demonology)
Bies (Slavic Mythology)
Bifrons (Christian demonology)
Bilet (Christian demonology)
Bileth (Christian demonology)
Bine (Akkadian mythology)
Bitru (Christian demonology)
Bofry (Christian demonology)
Bolfri (Christian demonology)
Bolfry (Christian demonology)
Boruta (Slavic mythology)
Botis (Christian demonology)
Bucon – the demon of Hatred
Buer (Christian demonology)
Bune (Christian demonology)
Bushyasta (Zoroastrianism)
Byleth – one of the Kings of Hell.


Caacrinolaas (Christian demonology)
Caassimolar (Christian demonology)
Caim (Christian demonology)
Camio (Christian demonology)
Carabia (Christian demonology)
Caym (Germanic mythology)
Cerbere (Christian demonology)
Cerberus (Greek mythology and Roman mythology)
Charun (Etruscan mythology)
Chax (Christian demonology)
Chemosh (Moabite mythology)
Cheitan – demon born of Smoke
Chupacabra (Latin American mythology)
Cimeies (Christian demonology)
Cimejes (Christian demonology)
Classyalabolas (Christian demonology)
Corson (Christian demonology)
Crocell (Christian demonology)
Crone (Christian demonology)
Culsu (Etruscan mythology)
Curson (Christian demonology)

Dagon (Semitic mythology)
Dantalion (Christian demonology)
Danjal (Jewish mythology)
Dasa (Hindu mythology)
Davy Jones (sailor lore)
Decarabia (Christian demonology)
Demogorgon (Christian demonology)
Devil (Christian demonology)
Div-e Sepid (Persian mythology)
Djinn (Islamism)
Donn (Irish mythology)
Drekavac (Slavic mythology)
Drudes (German folklore)
Dumah (Jewish demonology)

Eligos (Christian demonology)
Empusa (Greek mythology)
Euryale (Greek mythology)
Eurynome (Greek mythology)
Eurynomos (Greek mythology)

Familiars (Christian demonology)
Flavros (Christian demonology)
Flauros (Christian demonology)
Focalor (Christian demonology)
Foraii (Christian demonology)
Foras (Christian demonology)
Forcas (Christian demonology)
Forneus (Christian demonology)
Forras (Christian demonology)
Furcas (Christian demonology)
Furies (Roman mythology)
Furfur (Christian demonology)

Gaap (Christian demonology)
Gader’el (Jewish demonology)
Gaki (Japanese mythology)
Gamigin (Christian demonology)
Gello (Greek mythology, Christian demonology)
Glassia-labolis (Christian demonology)
Glasya-Labolas (Christian demonology)
Goblins (European folklore, Western tradition)
Gomory (Christian demonology)
Gorgons (Greek mythology)
Gremlins (European folklore, Western tradition)
Gremory (Christian demonology)
Grigori (Jewish demonology)
Gualichu (Araucanian mythology)
Gusion (Christian demonology)
Gusoin (Christian demonology)
Gusoyn (Christian demonology)


Haagenti (Christian demonology)
Haborym (Christian demonology)
Halphas (Christian demonology)
Havres (Christian demonology)
Hauras (Christian demonology)
Haures (Christian demonology)
Hiisi / Hiiet
Hiranyaksha (Hinduism)
Humbaba / Huwawa (Akkadian mythology)

Iblis (Islamism)
Ifrit (Islamic mythology)
Incubus (Christian demonology, Chaldean mythology, Jewish folklore)
Ipes (Christian demonology)
Ipos (Christian demonology)

Jikininki (Japanese mythology)
Jinn (Semitic mythology, Arab mythology)

Kabhanda (Hinduism)
Kimaris (Christian demonology)
Kitsune (Japanese mythology)
Kokb’ael (Jewish demonology)
Koshchei (Russian mythology)

Labal (Christian demonology)
Lady Midday (Slavic Mythology)
Lagasse – demon of Hypocrisy.
La Llorona (Latin American Myth)
Lamashtu (Akkadian mythology)
Lamia (Bulgarian folklore, Christian demonology and Greek mythology)
Lanithro – demon of the Air.
Lechies (Slavic mythology)
Legion (Christian demonology)
Lempo (Finnish mythology)
Leraje (Christian demonology)
Leraie (Christian demonology)
Leviathan (Jewish demonology, Christian demonology)
Leyak (Indonesian mythology)
Lilim (Jewish demonology, Christian demonology, Lilimist Occult)
Lilin (Jewish folklore)
Lilith (Sumerian mythology, Akkadian mythology, Jewish folklore)
Lix Tetrax (Jewish/Christian demonology)
Lucifer (Christian demonology)
Lucifuge Rofocale (Christian demonology)

Malaphar (Christian demonology)
Malephar (Christian demonology)
Malphas (Christian demonology)
Malthus (Christian demonology)
Mammon (Christian demonology)
Mara (Buddhist mythology, Scandinavian folklore)
Marax (Christian demonology)
Marbas (Christian demonology)
Marchosias (Christian demonology)
Maricha (Hindu mythology)
Marthim (Christian demonology)
Mastema (Jewish demonology)
Mastiphal – one of the Princes of Darkness
Mathim (Christian demonology)
Medusa (Greek mythology)
Melchiresa / Melki-resha
Mephistopheles (Christian folklore)
Merihem (Christian demonology)
Mictlantecuhtli (Aztec mythology)
Molech / Moloch (Semitic mythology, Christian demonology)
Morax (Christian demonology)
Murmur (Christian demonology)

Naamah (Jewish demonology)
Naberius (Christian demonology)
Naberus (Christian demonology)
Näkki (Finnish mythology)
Naphula (Christian demonology)
Nekomata (Japanese mythology)
Neqa’el (Egyptian mythology)
Ninurta (Sumerian mythology, Akkadian mythology)
Nisroch (Christian demonology)
Nix (North-European folklore)
Nyai Loro Kidul (a.k.a. Nyi Roro Kidul) (Javanese mythology)


Obizoth (Christian demonology)
Oni (Japanese folklore)
Onoskelis (Greek mythology)
Oray (Christian demonology)
Orcus (Roman mythology)
Orias (Christian demonology)
Oriax (Christian demonology)
Orobas (Christian demonology)
Orobos (Christian demonology)
Ose (Christian demonology)
Oso (Christian demonology)
Otis (Christian demonology)

Paimon (Christian demonology)
Paimonia (Christian demonology)
Paymon (Christian demonology)
Pazuzu (Sumerian mythology and Akkadian mythology)
Penemue (Jewish mythology)
Perkele (Latvian, Lithuanian, Prussian & Slavonic mythology)
Phenex (Christian demonology)
Piru (Finnish mythology)
Pithius (Christian demonology)
Pitua (Polynesian mythology)
Pocong (Melayu, Indonesian demonology)
Pontianak (a.k.a. Kuntilanak) (Indonesian demonology)
Popobawa (Zanzibar demonology)
Procell (Christian demonology)
Pruflas (Christian demonology)
Pruslas (Christian demonology)
Psoglav (Slavic Mythology)
Purson (Christian demonology)
Putana (Hindu mythology)

Qenna (Egyptian mythology)

Rabisu (Akkadian mythology)
Rahab (Jewish folklore)
Rahovart (European folklore)
Raim (Christian demonology)
Rakshasa (Hindu mythology)
Rangda (Balinese mythology)
Raum (Christian demonology)
Ravana (Hindu mythology – also seen by some Hindus as an aspect of the God Shiva)
Robin Goodfellow (Christian demonology, English folklore)
Ronove (Christian demonology)
Ronwe (Christian demonology)
Rosier (Christian demonology)
Rumjal (Jewish demonology)
Rumyal (Jewish demonology)
Rusalka (Slavic mythology)


Sabnacke (Christian demonology)
Sabnock (Christian demonology)
Saiko (Christian demonology)
Saleos (Christian demonology)
Sallos (Christian demonology)
Salmac (Christian demonology)
Salpsan, Satan’s son (Apocryphal Gospel of Bartholomew)
Samael (Jewish demonology)
Samagina (Christian demonology)
Satan (Jewish demonology, Christian demonology, Islamism)
Satanachia (Christian demonology)
Savnok (Christian demonology)
Scox (Christian demonology)
Sear (Christian demonology)
Seere (Christian demonology)
Seir (Christian demonology)
Semyaz (Jewish demonology)
Semyazza (Jewish demonology)
Separ (Christian demonology)
Set (Egyptian mythology during the Second Intermediate Period)
Shax (Christian demonology)
Shaitan (Islamic mythology)
Shedim (Jewish folklore)
Shedu (Akkadian mythology)
Shezmu (Egyptian mythology)
Sidragasum (Christian demonology)
Sitri (Christian demonology)
Sojobo (Japanese mythology)
Sthenno (Greek mythology)
Stolas (Christian demonology)
Stolos (Christian demonology)
Stuhac (Slavic Mythology)
Succubus (Sumerian & Akkadian mythology, Jewish folklore)
Surgat (Christian demonology)
Sydonai (Christian demonology)

Tannin (Jewish demonology)
Tap (Christian demonology)
Tartaruchi (Apocryphal Christian demonology)
Teeraal (Babylonian mythology)
Temeluchus (Apocryphal Christian demonology)
Tenebrion – Spirit of Darkness
Tengu (Japanese folklore)
Thammuz (Christian demonology)
Tipua (Polynesian mythology)
Titivillus (Christian demonology)
Tonga-Hiti (Polynesian mythology)
Tuchulcha (Etruscan mythology)
Tuyul (Indonesian mythology)

Ualac (Christian demonology)
Ukobach (Christian demonology
Utukku (Akkadian mythology)
Uvall (Christian demonology)

Vadatajs (Latvian mythology)
Valac (Christian demonology)
Valefar (Christian demonology)
Valefor (Christian demonology)
Valu (Christian demonology)
Vanth (Etruscan mythology)
Vapula (Christian demonology)
Vassago (Christian demonology)
Velns (Latvian mythology)
Vepar (Christian demonology)
Vephar (Christian demonology)
Verrine (Christian demonology)
Vine (Christian demonology)
Volac (Christian demonology)
Voso (Christian demonology)
Voval (Christian demonology)
Vual (Christian demonology)
Vuall (Christian demonology)
Vucub Caquix (Mayan mythology)

Wall (Christian demonology)
Wendigo (Native American Mythology)

Xaphan (Christian demonology)

Yasha (Hinduism, Japanese Buddhism)
Yeqon (Jewish demonology)
Yeter’el (Christian demonology)
Yokai (Japanese folklore)
Yuki-Onna (Japanese folklore)


Zaebos (Christian demonology)
Zagan (Christian demonology)
Zalambur (Islamic mythology)
Zepar (Christian demonology)
Ziminiar (Christian demonology)
Zmeu (Romanian folklore)
Zin (West African folklore)
Ziz (Jewish Demonology)





Abaddon : Hebrew root meaning “to destroy”, same as Apollyon
Apollyon (Abaddon) : The King of Demons Rev 9:11
Abigor : Christian demonology – commands 60 legions
Adramelech: Arch Demon whose name means, “King of Fire”
Agares : First Duke of the East, commands 31 legions; appears willingly
Alocer : Strong Duke commands 36 legions; lion’s face, dressed as a knight on a horse
Amduscius : Great Duke, governs 29 legions; looks like a unicorn
Andras : Marquesse, commands 30 legions; bird head with angel-like wings
Asmoday : Prince of demons; thought to be the serpent that deceived Eve
Asmodeus : Demon of wrath, banished by Raphael in the Book of Tobit 8:3
Astaroth : Strong Duke over 40 legions and the treasurer of hell
Aym : Great Duke, who commands 26 legions; from christian demonology
Ayperos : Prince, commands 36 legions; from christian demonoly
Azazel : Chief of the goat-demons or “hairy demons”
Bael : Head of the Infernal Armies of 66 legions
Balam : Terrible king with three heads and commands 40 legions
Beelzebub : Prince of Demons, aka Lord of the Flies, former highest ranking angel in heaven
Belial : Chief of all devils, brings about wickedness and guilt
Belphegor : Demon or “god” of the Moabites, Numbers 25
Berith : Great Duke of hell who governs 26 legions, appears as a red soldier on a red horse
Bifrons : declares the understanding of geometry, astrology and other arts
Botis : Appears as a viper, and proclaims the past and future
Buer : President of hell, of the second order, and commands 50 legions
Caym : Great President who takes the shape of a thrush; rules 30 legions
Charon : The boat man who brings souls across the river Styx
Cresil : Demon of impurity and laziness
Crocell : Grand Duke who appears as an angel, and governs 48 legions
Deumos : Female demon with 4 horns and a crown
Eurynome : Superior demon who feeds on corpses; the Prince of Death
Focalor : Grand Duke who drowns men and overthrows ships of war
Furfur : Count of hell, commands 26 legions; appears as angel with a flaming tail
Gaap : Prince of hell, intensifies love and hatred; transporter demon
Geryon : Giant centaur, guardian of hell
Haures : Strong Duke of hell, commands 20 legions and is very frightful with eye aflame
Ipos : Demon count of hell who commands 36 legions; looks like a lion-headed angel
Jezebeth : Demon of falsehoods and lies
Kasdeya : From the “Book of Enoch”, the 5th Satan
Kobal : Demon of hilarity
Leonard : Master of black magic and sorcery
Leviathan : Dragon of the Sea, the Crooked Serpent of the abyss
Lilith : Demon of waste.
Lucifer : Light bearer, son of the morning; former seraphim cast out of heaven
Malphas : Grand president of hell, commands 40 legions; appears as a raven
Mammon : Demon of avarice
Mastema : Leader of fallen angels whose job is to tempt men to sin and accuse them before God
Melchom : Demon who carries the money purse; payer of servants
Mephistopheles : Another name for the devil in the Middle Ages
Merihim : Dark Prince of pestilence
Moloch : Demon worshipped by the Israelites through child sacrifice
Mullin : Demon lieutenant of the demon Leonard
Murmur : Great Duke, comes with trumpets sounding and rules 30 legions
Naberius : Strong demon in charge of 29 legions, a Marquis of hell
Nergal : Second order demon, commands the secret police
Nicor : Water demon known for drowning humans; can cause hurricanes, tempests and the like
Nybbas : Manager of visions and dreams, inferior order charlatan
Nysrogh : Second order demon, chief of the house of princes
Oriax : Marquis, demon who commands 30 legions; teaches astrology
Ornias : name of the harassing demon
Ose : Great President, governs 30 legions
Paymon : a king of hell, master of ceremonies; governs 200 legions
Philatanus : Demon who assists Belial in sodomy and pedophile behaviors
Proserpine : aka Persephone, princess of hell
Pruflas : head of 26 legions, has the head of an owl; provokes wars and quarrels
Pyro : Prince of falsehoods and lies
Raum : Count or Great Earle, commands 30 legions; seen as a crow
Rimmon : aka Damas, an ambassador from hell
Ronove : Marquis of hell, commanding 19 legions, teaches languages
Ronwe : Inferior demon, commands 19 legions
Samael : Demon angel of death, prince of the power of the air
Semiazas : Chief demon of fallen angels
Shax : Duke of hell, commanding 30 legions, deceitful thief; appears as a stork
Shalbriri : Demon of blindness
Sonneillon : Demon of hatred
Stolas : High prince of hell, commanding 26 legions; teacher of astronomy and plant properties
Succorbenoth : Chief eunuch, sexless, demon of gates
Thamuz : Ambassador of hell, demon master of big weapons
Ukobach : Inferior demon who maintains the fires of hell; appears ablaze
Uphir : Demon physician
Uvall : Duke, commanding 36 legions, knows the past, present and future; strong and scary
Valafar : Strong Duke, commands 10 legions, appears in the shape of a lion
Vepar : Grand Duke, strong; guide of waters, like a mermaid
Verdelet : Master of ceremonies
Verin : Demon of impatience
Vetis : Demon of corruption
Xaphan : Second order demon, former fallen angel, fans the furnace flames
Zagan : Demon King, deceitful, commands 33 legions
Zepar : Grand Duke, appears as a soldier, commanding 26 legions




Abaddon – King of the Demons of Hell. Also known as Apollyon (Greek).
Abigor – Rides a horse and carries a scepter and lance. In Hell he commands sixty legions of devils
Adramelech – A demon of Hell where his job is Chancellor and President of The High Council of Devils.
Aguares – Commands thirty legions of devils in Hell. Is also the Grand Duke of Eastern Hell.
Akop – A demon from the Philippines who preys on widowed people.
Alocer – A Grand Duke of Hell who commands thirty-six legions of devils.
Amduscas – A Grand Duke of Hell who commands twenty-nine legions of devils.
Andras – Marquis of Hell who commands thirty legions of devils.
Angul – A demon from the Philippines who kills people with an axe.
Apepi – A serpent demon who in ancient Egypt was in opposition to the sun god Ra.
Apophis – A serpent demon who stalks at night.
Asmodeus – A devil who was banished to the desert by Raphael.
Astaroth – In hell he is The Lord Treasurer and the Grand Duke of Western Hell.
Astarte – A heathen god who is sometimes consigned to Hell.
Aym – A Grand Duke of Hell who commands twenty-six legions of demons. Also known as Haborym.
Ayperos – A Prince of Hell who commands thirty-six legions of devils.
Azazel – Also known as Satanel, he is the Standard Bearer of the armies of Hell.
Azidahaka – The god of witchcraft from Iran. Has three heads.
Azrael – Muslim angel of death.

Baal – Commanding General of the Infernal Armies
Baalberith – Also known as Berith, he is the Chief Secretary of Hell.
Balan – A Prince of Hell.
Bearded – Demon His real name is not revealed so that people do not deal with him when searching for the Philosopher’s Stone.
Beelzebub – Name means the ‘lord of the flies’. A high demon of hell who is sometimes equated with Satan.
Belial – Also known as Beliel and Beliar. The Prince of Trickery, the Demon of Sodomy and the Antichrist.
Belphegor – The demon of Ingenious Discoveries and Wealth
Beng – The Romanian Gypsy version of Satan.
Buer – Commands fifty legions of devils in Hell.
Bumalin – Philippines god of the Underworld.

Caym – The Grand President of Hell.
Charon – The boatman of Hell who takes souls accross the Styx.
Chax – A Grand Duke of Hell who is also known as Scox.
Chernobog – Slavic demon whose name means ‘the black god’. He brings all things evil at night.
Chemosit – A demon from Kenya who is half man and half bird.
Chu Kwai – Sen Chun A demon from China, the creator of freaks.
Congo Zandor – A Demon worshipped in Haiti.
Cresil – The demon of slovinliness and impurity.

Dagon – The Baker of Hell.

Eblis – The Persian version of Satan. His name means ‘despair’.
Elathan – A Celtic lord of Darkness.
Erebus – A Greek demon who guards the darkness around Hell.
Er Mo – Szechuan King of Demons.
Eurynomus – A Prince of Hell who likes to feed on the dead.

Furfur – A Count of Hell who commands twenty six legions of demons.

Geryon – According to Dante, Geryon is a giant centaur who guards Hell.
Grand Bois – A demon from Haiti whose name means ‘big woods’. He is the master of the forests at night.
Guaricana – A devil from Brazil. He is honoured by the Yurimagua by flogging young men until blood flows.

Hatu-Atu-Topun – Also known as Hetu-Ahin, a female demon from Polynesia who stalks twighlight and dawn.
Hecate – Queen of the witches.
Herensugue – An evil serpent from the Basque Country.


Ibwa – A demon from the Philippines who feeds on dead bodies.
Ikwaokinyapippilele – A strangely named demon from Panama who causes illness.
Inmai – A demon from Myanmar who bizarrely lives in the post in front of houses and causes people to be inured with thorns.
Irvene – Demon dog who lives on the Canary Islands.
Itzcoliuhqui – A demon god of the Aztecs. He brought cold and destruction.

Jahi – Persion female demon. She specializes in debauchery.
Jezebeth – The demon of falsehoods.
Jilaiya – A demon from India who flies as a bird at night to suck the blood of people. It can only suck the blood from people whose name it has heard.

Karau – A demon from Panama who causes death in the world.
Kasdeya – Known as the ‘Fifth Satan’.
Keron-Kenken – An evil spirit from Patagonia. He eats the newborn and drinks the tears of the mothers.
Kobal – Patron of comedians and the Entertainment Director of Hell.
Kok-Lir – A demon from Borneo who prays on men.

Lebara – A Brazilian demon worshipped by the cult of Yoruban.
Leonard – Known in Germany as Urian, he is the Inspector=General of Black Magic and Sorcery.
Leviathan – The androgynous Grand Admiral of Hell who is supposed to have seduced Adam and Eve.
Lilith – The first wife of Adam, before Eve, who was actually a demon.
Lilitu – An ancient demon connected with Lilith.
Lima – A demon worshipped in Haiti.
Lingelson – A demon worshipped in Haiti.

Mammon – The Demon of Avarice.
Manuval – A demon of the night from New Guinea.
Mastema – The leader of the offspring of fallen angels.
Melchom – A treasurer of Hell.
Mephistopheles – Sometimes described as a servent of the Devil, other times is a name for Satan himself.
Merihim – The Prince of Pestilence
Moko-Titi – A hideous lizard demon of the Maori people.
Moloch – A demon from Judaism.
Mullin – Lieutenant to Leonard.
Murmur – The Demon of Music.
Mush – A demon of darkness from Iran.

Naburus – A Marquis of Hell who has connections to Cerberus.
Nergal – The Chief of the Secret Police of Hell.
Nybras – Publicist of the Pleasures of Hell.
Nysrogh – An inferior demon.
Nyx – The sister and wife of Erebus.

Olisha – An evil goddess from Haiti. A favourite of voodoo and black magic.
Orias – A Marquis of Hell.
Oroan – Guyanan demon of eclipses.
Orthon – A minor demon known for posession of bodies.
Orusula – Costa Rican demon who appears in the form of a giant pig. His foam gives people a fatal rash.

Paymon – The Master of Ceremonies in Hell.
Philotanus – A demon who likes to assist Belial in sodomy.
Pitkis – Baltic demon of the night.
Po-Tangotango – A night demon of the Maori people.
Proserpine – Sometimes known as a princess of Hell.
Pyro – The Prince of Falsehood.

Qanel – Guatemalan demon.

Raum – A Count of Hell who commands thirty legions of demons.
Ravana – Hindu King of Demons.
Rimmon – Also known as Damas, is the Ambassodor of Hell for Russia.
Ronwe – Commands nineteen legions of devils in Hell.

Sakarabru – An African demon of darkness.
Samael – The Angel of death and the Prince of the air.
Satanael – Believed to be the evil first son of God by the Bogomils.

Semiazas – The Chief of the Fallen Angels.
Set – An evil god of the night from Ancient Egypt.
Seth – The god of the Underworld from Ancient Egypt.
Shabriri – Known as the demon who made people go blind.
Sonneillon – The demon of hate.
Succorbenoth – The demon of jealousy.

Tando Ashanti – Demon who demands the simulataneous human sacrifice of seven men and seven women.
Tezcatlípoca – Aztec God of the ‘smoking mirrors’. Has an evil black manifestation. An aspect of Tezcalípoca is Yaotl, meaning enemy.
Thamuz – An Ambassador of Hell.
Tlacatecolototl – A Toltec demon whose name means ‘rational owl’. Is god of evil and night.
Troian – Baltic demon of the night.

Ukobach – The Stationary Engineer of Hell.
Uphir – A demon physician.

Valafar – A Grand Duke of Hell.
Verin – The Demon of Impatience.
Vetis – A demon of hell who corrupts and tempts the holy.
Vritra – Hindu enemy of the gods. Is a serpent.

Wele Gumali – Name means the ‘black god’. He comes from Kenya.


Xa-Mul – A demon from the Philippines who swallows people whole.
Xaphan – A demon who stokes the furnaces of Hell.
Xic – From Guatemala. Brings sudden death to men.

Yalocan Tumulu – A demon of darkness and mischief from Surinam
Yama – Hindu king of death who has two dogs to carry away the dying.

Zaebos – A demon who is part human, part crocodile.
Zagam – The demon of Deceit and Counterfeiting who has the talent of being able to turn water into wine



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